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About Friends For Life

Friends For Life No Kill Animal Shelter

Friends For Life is Houston's only No Kill, LEED-certified animal shelter. Founded in 2002, the organization's, environmentally-friendly approach to animal care showcases a new shelter where no animal is killed because of breed, age or treatable illness.

By taking an active role in the community, Friend For Life is continuously raising the bar for local animal shelters. The organization's rescue and adoption efforts have placed thousands of animals in loving homes, and their Thinking Outside the Shelter program provides support to pet owners to keep animals in their homes and out of the shelter system completely. The group's Fix program also works to keep unwanted pets out of shelters by providing free spay/neuter surgeries in local, underserved communities.

Friends For Life envisions a future in which this progressive No Kill model of operation becomes the standard to which we hold all shelters.

To learn more about the organization, the national No Kill Movement and how you can get involved, please visit www.friends4life.org


Our Mission

We save animals' lives. We find creative ways to do it and are passionate about success at it. Animals are our primary clients and everything we do is based on what is in their interest individually or as a group.


Our Vision

We envision a community in which no animal will be killed for want of a loving home. Shelters accept their rightful responsibility as and protectors of animals and we, as a society, accept no less from them.

Shelters will lead by example to promote a larger and more compassionate vision of the way companion animals are valued beginning with refusing to kill them.

Citizens and shelters will partner in saving animal lives and work together to ever-expand the network of rescues, fosters, volunteers and donors making life an option for animals.

Shelters will make humane education and seeking homes for animals a priority. It is time to move past the format of simply managing animal populations by killing. From board room to kennel, shelters will live up to their duty to be transformative beacons illuminating a future of kinship with all life.